राष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र और निकटवर्ती क्षेत्रों में वायु गुणवत्ता प्रबंधन आयोग

Commission for Air Quality Management in National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas

         Delhi NCR AQI as on 23.07.2024         Engagement of Retired Government Servant as Consultant PS in CAQM         Admit Card for Recruitment Tests         Direction No - 81 dt 14.06.2024 - Migration of inter-city bus services to Delhi-NCR to cleaner modes         Updated Status of Provisionally Eligible/ Ineligible Candidates for Direct Recruitment         List of Provisionally eligible/ ineligible Candidates for Direct Recruitment         Order dt 17.05.2024 - Reconstitution of Enforcement Task Force         Action against grossly violating C&D sites, imposition and realisation of appropriate environment compensation charges and closure         Advisory No.14 dated 24.04.2024 - Rationalising of parking charges for private vehicles in NCR-reg         Direction No-80 dt 12.04.2024 - Implementation and review of the updated/ revised plan of action for prevention and control of Paddy Stubble Burning in 2024         Sub-Committee on Monitoring and Identification Order dt 12.03.2024         Order dated 27.02.2024 - Revocation of Actions under stage-I, Poor Air Quality of GRAP         Amendment to Direction No.76 - Regulated use of DG Sets in NCR         Advisory No.13 dated 14.02.2024 - Mitigation of Dust from Roads, Pathways open areas along ROW         Direction No-79 dt 13.02.2024 - Prevention and Mitigation of Air Pollution from Construction and Demolition Activities in the NCR         Standard Schedule for Environmental Compensation (EC) Charges in Closure Directions issued by the Commission         Scheme and Syllabus for the Direct Recruitment Test         Direction No-78 dt 19.10.2023 - Migration of public transport services especially buses in NCR to cleaner modes         Direction No-76 dt 29.09.2023 - Review of regulation for use of DG sets in NCR         Advisory No.11 dated 30.08.2023 - Co-firing of Bio-mass (focusing on paddy straw-based pellets) in Thermal Power Plants

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